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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Caffeine Break

I'm AMAZED! Yesterday began week 3 without caffeine. It's part of the Bring It! Cleanse that my family, friends and some clients are doing.

And, I have to tell you that after being without it, I don't really mind it.  I was a little intimidated about the Cleanse but as outlined in the book, it's okay to take a break.   I’m making sure that I’m drinking my water, sipping my green tea and drinking Club Soda for the fizz.  I know that giving by up caffeine, that my body is already noticing a change.  I feel like I'm in not as much pain, I can focus better and  I've got more control.

Did you know that Caffeine can have some pretty strong side effects?  Take a list of what problems can occur.

·         Increasing hypertension risks
·         keeps the liver busy from filtering other toxins
·         tooth decay
·         weakened bones
·         addiction/dependence
·         causes anxiety
·         a cycle of hyperactivity and/or inability to focus, followed by a subsequent "crash"
·         disrupted sleep habits
·         may interfere with weight loss and has been linked to hypoglycemia
·         buying coffee products may fund inhumane labor overseas
·         financial costs to support caffeine purchases
·         has been linked to affecting learning behavior (unkown if positive or negative yet)
·         caffeine dehydrates your body
·         a desire for a healthier pregnancy
·         decreased libido or sexual performance

    Does any of this sound familiar?  Put this list somewhere that you can see it regularly, like on your mirror or work desk (or both).  It will help keep you motivated.

    Ready to join me?  I dare ya to do it?  Just take a week and see what happens.

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