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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giving up Gluten

I asked my friend, Nancy Olsen, to write a post about gluten.  It's one of the things that we will be eliminating in our Bring It! Challenge.  Thank you Nancy for doing this for us!

Have you heard of gluten? You maybe have heard of gluten, gluten allergy, gluten intolerance, or Celiac disease. These all have similar connections to the body so lets take a look at "gluten"

Your feeling awful and wondering if it is linked to a food or maybe you have not even thought about your health issues being linked to food. As you know health issues are always different and may have different reactions to different people. You know this by just talking with people. Talking to your friend that has joint pain can link it to the weather and the next person say theirs is linked to sugar, so take a moment to think about your health issues with an open mind.

Gluten that comes from wheat, rye or barley can really effect peoples health and can lead to the need of going "gluten free". People that are having any health issues need to take a look at "celiac disease" as it has well over 300 symptoms and is linked to many other illnesses. Some symptoms could include weight gain or weight loss, migraines, anemia, back or joint pain, numbness in extremities, diabetes, shakiness, ear ringing, mind fog or attention span, depression and so many more. The same goes for a person that has other illnesses as people with Celiac disease often time have been diagnosed with another autoimmune disease.

I tell all people to check out http://www.facebook.com/l/5ebecGP5Nnz9ajSDbTiwz-txBgA/www.Celiac.com prior to going on a gluten free diet. For the main reason, if you in a couple of weeks of eating gluten free think that "maybe I should be tested for Celiac disease" the test could come back with a false report, even eating gluten light for a few days can throw off the test results. So I always suggest to people if by chance you want be tested for Celiac after looking at all the symptoms, illnesses that could be linked and more, get tested and then try the "gluten free diet".

When on a gluten free diet people often think of cutting out bread and pizza but it is much more than that. Bread and pizza are items that contain a lot of gluten as it has a lot of flour but gluten can be found in soups, broth, candy, sauces, medication, pasta, and so much more. I always suggest to people when they go gluten free to make sure everything that goes to the mouth must be researched to make sure it is gluten free. So at first the foods you eat may be fruit, vegetables and bare meats and then add in the items that are bought that you know are gluten free such as pasta, bread, pizza, soups, cereal and more.

If this is something that you already deal with or would like to know more about I would love to have you get my free E-zine newsletter. Grab it as it is FREE and you can sign up to get it in your inbox at my website. http://www.facebook.com/l/5ebecO4re3kmO2HnYhBZmS8WjyQ/www.ThrivingWithCeliac.com I wish you the best!

Nancy Olson

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