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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How do you deal?

Okay, so I'm totally into looking for ways to keep up my motivation, how I can achieve my goals and how I can help you. As you know, life throws you curve balls sometime but it's all in how you deal with things. Last week was VERY hard for me. A family member was suffering through some things and I carried a lot of guilt because I couldn't physically be there to help them through their ordeal. It was something that they had to overcome and no matter what I or anyone else did for them, they had to work through it on their own terms. Thankfully things seem to be looking up and they are moving forward.

For me, it wasn't anything that I ever had to deal with. I could have turned back to overeating to help cope with things, used alcohol to help numb what I was thinking/feeling, etc. but I chose to continue to work towards my own goals. I know that I've worked hard for the changes I've made; exercise and proper nutrition. I know that I'm not perfect, nor do I try to be. I mess up but I learn from those mistakes. That is what I am hoping that you do. Focus on what work you have done and continue moving forward. Even though there maybe a situation that comes up, try to deal with it in a positive light. I realized that if I reverted back to the old me, it would not only set me back but I wouldn't necessarily be able to help my family member in need.

I hope that you are reaching your goals. Remember that your weight gain didn't happen overnight and your loss won't disappear overnight as you had hoped. I'd like to see you make long term changes that will benefit your whole life. I could VERY easily tell you how to drop 10 pounds quickly but then again, if you don't know how to manage or deal with life's little hiccups, it will come back and maybe more. Know that you have support, from me and other's who are working the path through a happier and healthier journey!

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